CloudReady Education Edition NSW Trial Schools

$ 16.50 inc GST

Get more out of your existing computers while transitioning to Chromebooks faster with CloudReady—the only operating system designed to help you do both.
Whether you’re revitalizing unused computer labs or leading a 1:1 initiative, CloudReady is the simple, cost-effective solution that innovative tech directors rely upon.

Built from the same technology foundation as Chromebooks, CloudReady is the only way to give new life to your existing PCs and Macs (up to 10 years old) while reaping all the benefits of the Google Admin console. With CloudReady, you’ll save time and budget.

A minimum purchase of 10 licenses is required.


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Annual Per-Device License

As part of the NSW DoE Trial, you can receive a CloudReady License and a FREE Managed Device License Bundle.

This bundle includes one CloudReady Annual license and one Chrome Management license to enrol your CloudReady computer into your Google Admin Console.

A minimum purchase of 10 licenses is required.