Jamboard Annual Management and Support fee

$ 990.00 inc GST

The Annual Management and Support Fee must be purchased along with a Google Jamboard.

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Jamboard licenses

For each Jamboard purchased you need one management license.

Purchase and activate Jamboard licenses on your primary domain, not on secondary or alias domains. If you have more than one Jamboard in your domain, the licenses are transferable among them

Note: You don’t need Jamboard licenses to download and use the phone or tablet apps or web viewer for Jamboard. You also don’t need licenses per user for the apps. The licenses are specific to the board.

Software support

Organisations that have purchased Jamboard and management licenses are entitled to Google support for all software issues covered under the Google Technical Support Service Guidelines.

Issues supported with the Jamboard software, include:

  • Jamboard software (the software running on the board)
  • Jamboard web viewer
  • Jamboard Admin console

Support is only provided the latest versions of Jamboard software and the companion apps.