True network
visibility and control.

Auvik is cloud-based network management software

easy-to-use cloud-based networking management
and monitoring software that’s simple and effective

No matter what your core business is, there’s no denying that technology plays an important role in day-to-day operations. And as we grow more dependent on IT, it’s becoming increasingly-important that your network and systems are online and operating efficiently at all times.


Know exactly what’s on the network and how it’s all connected in real-time

Auvik pulls data from sources like CDP, LLDP, and forwarding tables to meticulously model the Layer 1 network diagram. Layers 2 and 3 are built from ARP tables, IP assignments, and VLAN associations to show you exactly what’s on the network, where it is, and how it’s connected.



View inventory across all your sites, all in one spot

With Auvik’s global inventory view, you can search and filter for devices across all sites. This is especially useful when a vulnerability is discovered, you can quickly identify all devices of the affected make and model across all sites.



Log into any device’s web interface from your Auvik dashboard

The Auvik remote browser allows you to connect to the web interface of a device in Auvik’s inventory using HTTP or HTTPS as if you were local to the device.



Find any device on the network in seconds

Auvik’s powerful search features let you zero in on a specific VLAN or device on the map by typing in its device name or type, vendor, network, interface name, IP address, or MAC address. Don’t remember the exact device name or IP? The intelligent search field can help you narrow it down.



Identify which applications are being used and if they’re business-critical

TrafficInsights leverages machine learning and traffic classification to show you which applications—like Dropbox, Netflix, or Slack—or protocols are using up the bulk of the network’s bandwidth so you can confidently make the case for a network upgrade or expansion.

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