IT support just got a whole lot easier

Geeks on Chat — A new add-on for Google Workspace

At Geeks on Tap, we think accessing IT support should be as fast and frictionless as possible.

That’s why we created Geeks on Chat – our free AI-powered add-on for Google Workspace.

Streamlined IT support

Access Geeks on Tap in a couple of clicks from the Gmail sidebar.

Free AI-generated responses

Get quick answers to routine or simple Google Workspace queries with the AI chatbot.

Prevent IT issues from impacting productivity. Empower your teams and frontline workers to resolve IT issues quickly and effectively.

Get one hour of free expert support

AI-powered support is great for generic support requests. But what about more complex or unusual queries?

The Geeks on Chat add-on lets you chat with one of our IT experts whenever you need more detailed or tailored advice.

Need more time? Buy additional one-hour support vouchers whenever you or your team needs a bit of extra help.

If you find you need regular bespoke support, with access to even more Geeks on Tap services, we also have cost-effective managed service plans available.

IT support is just the beginning

There’s more to Geeks on Tap than just IT support.
We’re a full service IT partner with the skills and services to advise, implement and manage not only your Google Workspace requirements but also the rest of your IT requirements as well.

  • Hardware and software supplies
  • Systems installation and integration
  • Cloud migration, management and maintenance
  • Cybersecurity
  • Web hosting

Why juggle multiple IT providers when you can partner with one?
And the Geeks on Chat add-on means you’re only ever a couple of clicks away from an expert.

Redefine what IT support means to you.

Start using Geeks on Chat for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Geeks on Chat free to use?

Geeks on Chat is free for anyone to install from the Google Marketplace. And AI-generated support is always free to use.

However, if AI support isn’t enough to solve your IT issue and you require more complex advice from an expert, you’ll need to purchase a 1-hour support request coupon

If you predict your team will require expert support more often, we have a number of managed service plans available.

Do I need to be a Geeks on Tap customer to use Geeks on Chat?

You don’t need to sign up with Geeks on Tap to install the Geeks on Chat add-on and access AI-generated support.

You can also use the free add-on to contact Geeks on Tap anytime to discuss which of our products and services are right for you.

Should you need expert or bespoke support, you can chat with a member of the Geeks on Tap support team by purchasing a 1-hour support request coupon or signing up for a managed service plan.

I already have a Geeks on Tap managed service plan. Do I need to install Geeks on Chat?

No, you don’t have to install Geeks on Chat, but we highly recommend it. 

Geeks on Tap streamlines the process of accessing IT support for everyone on your team, improving outcomes, reducing frustrations and getting the most out of your service plan.

And if you’re the authorised contact for the account, Geeks on Chat makes contacting and collaborating with Geeks on Tap much simpler and faster as well. Discuss your IT projects with our experts, order hardware and explore additional services from right within the same sidebar add-on.

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