Cameyo Education Pilot

We understand the challenges faced by schools in delivering legacy applications to students on Chromebooks. Cameyo provides a seamless and secure way to integrate traditional software with the Google ecosystem.

Break free from the constraints of legacy applications

With Cameyo, schools can:

  • Empower teachers and students with access to subject-specific software, such as CAD tools, statistical analysis programs, and creative suites, regardless of their device.
  • Simplify IT management with centralised application management that significantly reduces the workload for IT departments.
  • Enhance security by providing secure virtual environments for tests and assessments.
  • Save costs by avoiding expensive hardware investments and only paying for the applications they truly use.

What is the Cameyo Education Pilot?

The Cameyo Education Pilot is a phased approach for deploying the Cameyo virtual application delivery platform, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation. The plan consists of four stages: planning and preparation, pilot program, full-scale implementation, and evaluation and refinement. Each stage has specific tasks and timelines, with the goal of maximising the benefits of Cameyo and addressing any challenges that may arise. To learn more, register to chat to our team and receive our Cameyo Education Pilot one pager.

Register for our Cameyo Education Pilot

We’re inviting schools to participate in our Cameyo Education Pilot program. This is a unique opportunity to trial the Cameyo solution and experience the benefits firsthand.