Give your device a second life

with ChromeOS Flex

The lifespan of new devices is only getting shorter, and many only want the latest, greatest computer. As a result, there is a growing supply of redundant devices that are no longer “cutting edge”.

This is where ChromeOS Flex comes in.

With ChromeOS Flex, you can transform an ageing fleet of devices to run on ChromeOS, powering them with the same software capabilities as the newest Chromebooks.

How does ChromeOS Flex work?

Step 1

Create a bootable ChromeOS Flex USB drive inside the Google Admin Console, and try ChromeOS Flex without installing it.

Step 3

Deploy ChromeOS Flex to more devices in your organisation via a USB drive or network deployment.

Step 2

When you’re ready, install ChromeOS Flex on your PC or Mac to replace your operating system within minutes.

A cloud-first, secure, easy-to-manage, and fast OS for old PCs and Macs

Proactive security to protect your business

Safeguard from growing threats including ransomware, malware, and employee errors

    • Google Safe Browsing and limiting password reuse protect employees from phishing and malicious sites
    • Built-in protection from virus attacks and ransomware including sandboxing and blocked executables
    • Timely and proactive security updates

Easy deployment and management

Quickly install ChromeOS Flex and manage from the Google Admin console

    • Deploy ChromeOS Flex across your fleet via USB or network deployment
    • Cloud profiles sync settings, files, and policies almost instantly
    • 500+ configurable cloud-based policies from the Google Admin console 
    • Easily deprovision devices and set up new employees quickly

Fast, modern work experience from anywhere

Transform your PCs and Macs with a modern OS

    • Devices boot up quickly and don’t slow down over time
    • Fast access to VDI and web apps
    • Clutter-free and reliable experience
    • Updates happen in the background reducing downtime
    • Log into any device and pick up where you left off with cloud profiles

Make the most of your existing hardware

Extend the lifespan of your devices

    • Refresh your older PCs and Macs with a fast, modern, and secure operating system
    • Make your older hardware more sustainable and reduce power consumption
    • Manage devices alongside Chromebooks in the Google Admin console
    • Designed to support the most common PCs and Macs over the last 10+ years

It’s easy to try!

All you need is an old device and a USB

Easily try modern computing with cloud-based management without making a device purchase.

Reduce e-waste and extend the life of your existing devices by transforming them with a modern OS.

Deploy a cloud-first OS on specialised hardware for unique use cases like kiosks or digital signage.

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