Meet the team

Cameron Weston

Systems/Support Analyst & Project Lead, Barossa Valley

What does your role entail?

  • Managing and monitoring Projects
  • Coordinating with teams and resources to produce desired outcomes
  • Optimising and improving processes to provide to consistent and scalable solutions
  • Analysing and improving systems both in-house and as consultant for other companies

Why do you do it?

  • I like to encourage people to excel in their strengths and help alleviate frustrations with IT
  • Seeing individuals empowered to benefit from technologies is a great part of my role
  • Streamlining processes so that we can reduce rework and repeated mistakes is something I enjoy excelling at.

What do you love to do in your free time?

I love cycling, kayaking, fishing, camping and pretty much anything outdoors when I can. I enjoy serving in our church and getting to know many new people and building friendships. I also enjoy technology in general and always wanting to learn and pick up new understandings.