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Plans and Pricing

Affordable Plans for Better Work

If you’re looking for an NBN internet plan that delivers outstanding value, look no further! We offer a perfect blend of reliability, competitive pricing, and flexible plan options to suit your needs. Our commitment to excellent customer support means you’ll always have someone to turn to for assistance or guidance. Plus, you’ll enjoy lightning-fast speeds, perfect for streaming, gaming, and seamless online experiences. Choose us for the NBN service that puts your needs first.


Plans and Pricing

Looking for Telco Plans?

With our transparent pricing you know you have a partner that is looking out for your business. As your VoIP service provider, we take care of your phones, you can focus on your business. You can also know your VoIP pricing with no hidden cost.

Beyond Workspace

Beyond Google Workspace, we can accelerate your business’s technology strategy with products and services such as:

Mobile phones and Android interconnectivity

Connect mobile phones to your business’s systems and data, allowing employees to securely access work files and applications on the go.

Chrome, Apple, and Windows computer fleet management

We can help you manage your business’s fleet of computers, including deploying and updating software, managing security, and troubleshooting issues.

Google Cloud and workload management

Reduce costs, improve performance and increase security by migrating your business’s workloads to the cloud.

Workspace Support

Whether you need to augment your existing IT or start from scratch, our workspace support plans give you access to our team of experts for all your technology needs.

Network resilience

Don’t let network outages halt your business operations. Our experts will help you design, implement and maintain a resilient network.

Think Workplace

We have curated a range of devices and services that work together perfectly for hybrid workplaces. Our bundled packages work and play seamlessly, reduce expenses and ensure a hassle-free experience for our customers.

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