Virtual Desktop


97% of organizations have at least one non-cloud-based application.

Virtualization is a critical gateway for end-user app access and productivity.

Chrome OS integrates with your

VDI infrastructure

Access your existing contact center infrastructure through virtualization on ChromeOS

Devices are easily shareable and employees can access VDI on any device in seconds

Deploy your devices faster with zero-touch enrollment and drop shipping

Give workers access to the apps they need

  • Cloud-based apps and services through Chrome Browser
  • Windows apps through VDI, with VMware & Cameyo
  • Productivity and collaboration app support including Google Workspace, Office 365, Zoom
  • Large app ecosystem with Google Play Store

Reduce costs, increase security, and provide a seamless user experience

Simple to administer and manage

Increase your overall security posture

Save by reducing:

  • Licensing costs
  • Infrastructure cost & management
  • Complexity that requires ongoing cost & headcount to manage
  • Implementation costs

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