let’s make HYBRID WORK simple.


An estimated 83% of executives expect to support some level of hybrid work permanently.

Employees are rethinking not only how they work, but why they work. Professionals are prioritising both flexibility and fulfilment.

Hybrid work is here to stay. In recent times, workplace adaptability has been a question of survival, now making it the norm across industries. To acquire and maintain the right talent, organisations must not only meet, but exceed hybrid work expectations.

A flexible, secure solution ensures workers can be productive from anywhere

A solution for everyone

For workers:

  • Quickly and securely access all the apps and files you need with VDI
  • Your digital workspace doesn’t lose quality, no matter if you’re working from the office or home.
  • Utilise AI tools in Google Workspace to automate tasks and make the most of your time
  • Don’t lose time in getting started -pick up right where you left off in Chrome Browser

    For managers:

    • Maintain employee connection with metrics on average time spent in meetings, document activity and workspace engagement
    • Gain visibility into employee collaboration and contribution with document history
    • Ensure the right employees have access to the right apps and files inside Google Administrator

      For executives:

      • Acquire quality talent with equitable hybrid work options
      • Reduce workspace costs
      • Reduce hardware costs with Chromebooks or ChromeOS Flex – reusable, secure and powerful devices available at a variety of price points
      • Mitigate security risks with Sophos and Chromebook Data Loss Prevention
      • Remotely manage and monitor device security with Google Administrator

      Use Cases

      Contact Centres

      Deploying ChromeOS enables contact centers to be cloud-first and agile while improving agent productivity, securing business data, and supporting IT teams with a stress-free device deployment and management experience.

      VDI – Virtual Desktop

      ChromeOS offers ease-of-use benefits—from application access to peripheral compatibility­ to augment end-user capabilities across every workflow, device, and environment.

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